About us

Trakai History Museum

Kęstučio str. 4, LT-21104 Trakai

Museum administration, tel. (8 528) 55 297

Director, tel. (8 528) 53 941

Email: info@trakaimuziejus.lt

Medininkai Castle department

Šv. Kazimiero str. 2, LT-13192 Medininkai village, Vilnius district

Ordering of excursions and educational activities, general information – tel. (8 525) 05 595, Email for enquiries: aleksandras.krivoseinas@medininkaipilis.lt

Department manager – Gintautas Terleckas, tel. (8 696) 60 246, Email: gintautas.terleckas@medininkaipilis.lt

Working hours:

April–October III – VII 10:00-18:00

November–March III – VII 9:00-17:00

Ticket price:

2 EUR – for schoolchildren, students, seniors

4 EUR – for adults

1,50 EUR – for non-professional photography

Price of excursions (up to 30 persons):

6 EUR – for schoolchildren (in Lithuanian)

9 EUR – for adults (in Lithuanian)

12 EUR – in foreign languages (in English or Russian)

Educational activities (up to 20 persons): duration 1 hour.

Educational activity Gothic town”

Educational activity “Gothic town” is intended for schoolchildren of 3rd to 6th grades, who will learn about the world views of medieval times, Gothic style, architecture, crafts and characters specific for that historical period. This educational activity consists of two parts: theoretical and practical. During the first part pupils will be introduced to theoretical material and then will watch slides during the story telling. During the practical part the participants will draw selected characters, invent a Gothic scenario for them and integrate them into the general plot of the medieval town.


For schoolchildren – 0,58 EUR.

For adults – 1,16 EUR.

Educational activity “Lithuanian money history”

Educational activity “Lithuanian money history” introduces visitors to the brief history of Lithuanian money and money in the world (slides and a story). The theoretical part will be followed by practical classes – creating own money (coin-making from plasticine, decoration of wooden cards or circles as bank notes or coins).


For schoolchildren – 1 EUR.

For adults – 2 EUR.

Educational activity “Ancient and Medieval Lithuanian Faith

Educational activity “Ancient and Medieval Lithuanian Faith” is intended for pupils of 3rd to 6th grades, who will learn about the most important aspects of Lithuanian mythology: gods and goddesses, sanctuaries, rituals.

During this educational activity, visitors will be introduced to the hierarchy and diversity of Lithuanian mythological figures. Other important topics of classes include the role of rulers and priests (kriviai, vaidelotai, vaidilutės) in ancient and medieval Baltic society and the reconstruction of Pagan sanctuaries. Finally, the revival of traditional ethnic religion (the Neopagan movement) in today’s Lithuania will be discussed.

After the theoretical part, pupils will be divided into two groups: the first group will draw a Pagan sanctuary, while the second group will draw the selected characters (rulers, priests, common people) who are taking part in archaic religious rituals in that sanctuary. Then, the figures of the characters will be attached to the painting of the Pagan sanctuary. The result will be a joint effort, to which every pupil contributed.


For schoolchildren – 0,58 EUR.

For adults – 1,16 EUR.

Educational activity “Bows and their use

Educational activity “Bows and their use” is intended for children over 7 years and adults. Classes take place in groups of up to 25 people in the Castle Conference Hall and territory.


For schoolchildren – 2 EUR.

For adults – 4 EUR.